Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mag Malicious "Char Baby" Edition

Ok so I got a few questions about the Mag Malicious "Char Baby" Edition... This is a standard keshi figure made of soft urethane rubber, just like all of the other H.A.C.K figures except with a few more steps involved. Normaly I either dye the urethane the disired color as I cast it, or I use dye to change the color afterward. This guy is the best of both worlds. Because the dyeing the figure afterwards only penetrates about a millimeter into the rubber you can do some pretty cool things afterwards. Here the figure was cast in bright pink, then dyed bright red and finally charred black (actually very dark purple). Next  I lightly sanded the high spots, to bring out the red under the char, and likewise a little harder to get through the red to the bright pink... thus the illusion of glowing embers. I was really pleased so I did two of these guys. They are available in the store for $15 each, bagged in the Mag Malicious header cards.


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