Monday, July 9, 2012

H.A.C.K Wave two... another tease

Ok, I have been away for a while but here is another tease for the upcoming H.A.C.K Wave two.... this time Handmade American Custom Keshi goes to the wild... not just with the theme "Nature Fights Back"... but also with the prowess of two of the best sculptors from right here at LRG. That's right Iron Mask (see Gorwad monsters) and Plastic Soul AKA Zectron (see Critter BadEgg bunch Keshi) have joined me in bringing three all new sculpts to mono-colored, rubbery, goodness! This wave is on FIRE! and will include an all new micro Keshi accessory/figure as well... here are a couple of new tease images... more to follow...

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