Monday, November 26, 2012

Where the heck have you been!??

That's a simple enough question I suppose... the answer however, is not so easy. For the past several months my life in toys has been turned upside down. Some of you night know that besides the art toy thing here I am co-owner of Cast-a-Way Toys, we produce(d) 8 inch MEGO style action figures and customizing parts for almost 5 years... we brought to life and 8 inch Captain Action and Dr. Evil! As well as; King Features "The Phantom"., both were very well received. in 2009, as the economy was in full "tank" mode our Chinese factory dropped the bomb that they could no longer support our smaller runs of product and that we would need to move our $25,000 in molds to another factory. We did so with much haste... right into the hands of a total a-hole who then held them hostage and produced parts that we never asked them to make and then tried to charge us for them. When we didn't purchase this merch. the a-hole tried to sell our molds to a competitor, who was cool enough to alert us. Long story short our molds were stolen and we have no means to produce toys... so this was years ago what's the deal? Well I am partners in Cast-a-Way Toys and therefor partners in the debt we took on to start the business. I started AmeriKaiju as a soul venture and was dedicated to the whole endeavor (still am), but the crushing debt and need to attend to the old business put old AK on the back burner. Add into the mix family responsibilities and a ever expanding "Day Job" and that's a recipe for disaster... So needless to say projects I had going hit the dirt. H.A.C.K wave two that I had collaborated with two other fantastic sculptors never realized... I let those guys down and myself as well. I should have never taken on such a project where others were depending on me. It's my fault and I own that. So What now? well things are much better, we are have a more structured way to re-pay the original Cast-a-Way Toys loan and even have a line on someone who may purchase remaining stock. This means that soon I will be able to devote time back to Keshi and Kaiju...


  1. Man, hate to hear a bunch of junk
    landed on your plate, but glad to
    hear you'll be able to devote some
    time to mini figures and cool monsters.

  2. Dave, that just sucks seven ways from Sunday. But all the best going forward! God bless, -Craig W.