Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So what else ya got?...

Well since the Other World Aliens did so well it's time to do it again... H.A.C.K wave 2: Nature Fights Back is in the works... and I mean work! The sculpts are done and molds are made, yea I'm proactive like that... and just like the Empire Strikes back, this one is gonna be even better! More fight scenes, epic battles and Bounty Hunters! Well maybe not Boba Fette, but I have invited two sculptors to join in on this one to bring three all new, mind blowing, sculpts to market... immortalized in Carbonite.... er...I mean RUBBER! As you can see by the theme this is gonna be a wild one.... I'll be posting some sneaks as we get closer, so stay tuned Keshi Lovers!

In other news... Jimmy AKA Iron Mask was nice enough to post aobut the Other World Aliens on his blog... so check out what this straight shooter has to say about H.A.C.K!

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